occupy, or a subversion of definition

Occupy_HOPEoccupy, or a

subversion of definition,

of the restricted economy of control –

beneath surges music and dance…

love and rage….




verb, -pied, -py·ing piper.

verb (used with object)

It is not to ‘take or
merely fill up (space, time, etc.)’

or to idly ‘engage or employ the mind,

energy or attention’

It is neither to be a ‘resident or

tenant’ of industrial ‘housing’ –

It is not to ‘take possession and

control of a place, as by military

invasion or to hold (a position,

office, etc.).’

It is peaceful –

verb (used without object)

It is to take back that
which is always already
disclosed as our world…
to create a joyous ethos in
which we can dwell together

to squat amidst the indigence

of our holy makeshift freedom





verb, -pied, -py·ing.


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