Eurynome Rising: The Pelasgian Creation Myth

The Pelasgian Creation Myth was adapted into verse by Dr. James Luchte in 2001 from a prose version by Robert Graves in his seminal work Greek Myths, Vol. 1.  It was published in 2006 in Gnosis by Philip Gardiner.

EurynomeIn the beginning, Eurynome,
The Goddess of All Things,
Rose naked from Chaos.

She found nothing upon
Which to rest her feet, and thus,
She divided the sea from the sky.

She danced lonely upon
The waves of the sea.

She danced towards the South, and
The Wind set in motion behind her
Seemed something new and strange
With which to begin a work of creation.

Wheeling about, she caught hold of
This North wind, rubbed it between
Her hands, and behold!
The great serpent Ophion.

To read the rest of the poem, please visit The Pelasgian Creation Myth

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