Lampeter Responds to Refugee Crisis

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Lampeter Responds to Refugee Crisis

With the tragic acceleration of the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean, the small Welsh village of Lampeter has responded in full force.

Clothing, shoes, canned food, blankets and coats – these are some of the items collected as aide for the refugees. The central collection point is the Mulberry Bush, 2 Bridge Street, a natural foods store and café at the center of Lampeter.

Emily O’Reilly, organiser of the charity drive, said: “The Mulberry Bush very kindly agreed to be a collection point when we asked, so I put up a few posters and a collection box at the front of the shop not really knowing what to expect.”

“The response has been truly overwhelming! The people of Ceredigion have been so generous in their donations that we have in fact had to stop taking in donations now so that we can sort and send what we have.”

Zoe Thomas, a volunteer in Lampeter, said: “We are working hard to gather together as much aid as possible. Men’s clothing is especially needed.”

Ms Thomas continued: “Items can be dropped off during business hours at the Mulberry Bush. We need everyone to get involved in this effort.”

Ms O’Reilly said there will be a shipment soon to Calais and that another charity event will be organised for medical aide in the coming months.

The refugee crisis has escalated due to an intensification of military sorties in the Middle East, especially in Syria, by the US, UK and other members of NATO, such as France. More than 400,000 people have been killed in the Syrian civil war.

Europe, which has been in the grip of prolonged economic stagnation, has been reluctant to accept the refugees.

The economic crisis has seen the growth of right wing, anti-immigration parties across Europe, which have been vocal in their opposition to aiding the refugees.

Massive protests and vigils have been held across Europe, however, in favour of the entry of the refugees, seeking to remind governments of their duty of care under international law to accept the refugees.


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