America’s Shameful State of Decay – Bernie Sanders still has a plan for the renewal of US infrastructure



Every generation needs a new revolution.

                                 Thomas Jefferson


Infrastructure.  Not a very exciting word – and certainly not one to whip up the hysteria of the electorate in an election year.  We have other words for that: immigration, terrorism, religious extremism, or Russian aggression.  The usual suspects.

Yet, perhaps the word ‘infrastructure’ will become more exciting if we unpack it, learn what it is – and understand that it is not any external cause that most threatens America, but instead decades of negligence to the very ‘infrastructure’ of this nation.  There is that word again: infrastructure. But, what does it mean?

A short list will suffice: water treatment, roads, bridges, public housing, passenger and freight rail, marine ports and inland waterways, national parks, broadband, the electric grid, schools, hospitals, government buildings, dams – in other words, to use a medical metaphor, the conditions for the healthy life of a nation.

Perhaps the people of Flint, Michigan and the increasing number of cities affected by the lead poisoning crisis know better than most the critical importance of the timely maintenance and transformation of our nation’s infrastructure.

To read the rest of this article, please visit America’s Shameful State of Decay.


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