In the Syrian Labyrinth: The Impasse of International Law

In the Syrian Labyrinth: The Impasse of International Law – TeleSUR


DAMASCUS, SYRIA – JANUARY 31: In this handout provided by the United Nation Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), Residents wait in line to receive food aid distributed in the Yarmouk refugee camp on January 31, 2014 in Damascus, Syria. The United Nations renewed calls for the Syria regime and rebels to allow food and medical aid into the Palestinian camp of Yarmouk. An estimated 18,000 people are besieged inside the camp as the conflict in Syria continues. (Photo by United Nation Relief and Works Agency via Getty Images)



The British Wasteland: A History of the Present

Chapter 1: The British Wasteland: The Toxic Coalition and the Vultures of the Right


Prime Minister David Cameron


On the Toxicity of the Coalition Government and the Cynicism of UKIP and the Tory Right


The British Wasteland: The Meaning of Cameron

As we can barely remember the debates between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg, it appears that the odd man out has now obtained legitimacy, stature, plausibility. With our senses still awash with the anti-climactic failure of the Scots to take a bloodless independence that was so nicely gift-wrapped for them, all we can now remember is that Nick Clegg was dreadful and failed to convey the very absurdity of UKIP policy on obvious grounds. The very fact that Nick Clegg stood on the same stage as Nigel Farage was a mistake and revealed his lack of political judgment.  Why were not the other two parties represented, as an all UK debate?  Or, was it, perhaps, merely a job interview for the junior partner of the next Coalition?

Clegg’s follow up criticism of Farage over Ukraine was a pathetic sideshow to the illegal Western involvement in a coup d’etat, in which fascists have now formally entered into the cabinet of a soon-to-be European government for the first time since WWII.  But, we all pretend that that did not happen and condemn Russia instead.  Farage was ironically correct on this issue that the Coalition government has ‘blood on its hands’ over Ukraine, and UKIP has never been as strong as it is today. It is now conceivable to imagine a Coalition Government in which they would be a part, such as a Conservative-UKIP alliance.


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Fish in Shanghai

Fish in Garden Unit, Shanghai


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Icarus of Trafalgar Square

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Of the Feral Children: A Mayan Farce

Of the Feral Children: Synopsis and Review

Of the Feral Children: A Mayan Farce: 1

‘From the re-incarnation of a Dadaist Poet fixated on an Edwardian Pornographic photo to the end of British Civilisation in an Apocalyptic Earthquake, this novel sprawls across the devastated landscape of the ‘teens of this century. The seedy underworld and the seedy overworld clash in a kaleidoscope of sex and violence leaving only the ‘feral children’ to make their own world from the wreckage.’

Watch Wasteland, a documentary by William Wright on squatting in the United Kingdom.

Julian Assange – The Horror of the Open

AssangeJulian Assange amidst

the horror of the Open –

Julian Assange, the Messenger

of the abject horror of contemporary

existence – a dystopic world of

a monstrous corporate ‘personhood’ –

(as the ‘Assange Affair’ has ironically

PR-esqued, suffocated, suppressed –

nearly total erasure of the very

question, the message & the medium, lost again…)

—- what, after all, did Wikileaks leak?

Could we go over that again?

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Dawn 黎明 (Dawn with Chinese Translation)

issue_4Translated by Dr Wang Shunning of the Department of Philosophy, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.  Published in English in the Lampeter Review, Issue 4


Where the Hesperides –

lovely nymphs of

the evening –

dance –






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Icarus of Trafalgar Square

Protest_86451bThe sublime sun beckons

burning out the eyes

of those who

dare to gaze

into its depths

The abyss of light –

Yet, you were already

blind to the light

of Terra, of Earth,

long gazed into

this luminous event

the mere distance

of the gaze is

no longer enough

for your joy –

you seek to fly

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London Riots – or, Thatcher’s Grandchildren

George-Osborne-appears-to-be-crying-during-the-funeral-of-Margaret-Thatcher-1837152So this is what you got –

consumers with attitude –

Thatcher still smiles….

Give an amnesty

to these wanderers,

for their crimes

give birth

to our perverse ways

of novel life –

as disperate as

this may seem ….


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