HesperidesWhere the Hesperides

lovely nymphs of

the evening –



joyous play – light, darkness

on the street,

the coxswain beats his drum

beginning… ending –

cockcrow… deathknell –

transition – inexorable

faces of indefinite-ness  –

Dawn is the beginning of the day …

journey to the end of the night –

Dawn is war peace, disease health, hate love…

Evening is the beginning of night, the end of days.

Day passes over into night, night into day.

Dawn is one of the Twilights

Twilight precedes dawn, evening,

betwixt day night, night day –

Twilight descends into night,

ascends toward dawn.

The sun rises – it also sets.

Ascends descends.

Day is the place, event, happening of light –

Night is the place, event, happening of darkness –

Day night, dawn evening, indefinite return, spiral of light darkness –

The inexorable day night, place, light darkness, dawn evening.

(Being becoming, One Many, Aletheia)

There is no pure light or pure darkness in the play of light darkness.

Twilight is the place of – between light darkness.

Twilight – in – between ascension descension of sun, light darkness.

Play of light darkness – with day, light rules – with night, darkness rules.

(The ‘grammar’ of light and darkness, the ‘game’ with inexorable ‘rules’).

Without darkness, light would not birth relief, perspective, space, body, place

In the Open, lightning needs a dark sky.

The Open is the place of day night, light darkness.

Darkness does not need light, but is never free of light –

Darkness surrounds, engulfs the light.

(There is only pure darkness for us in the deepest caves,

concealed from the light of day night).

The moon, stars inhabit a sky of darkness light, night day.

With the descent of the sun, eclipse of light,

Evil abides in his recession to the eclipse.

Dawn, day nearly precedes the rise of the sun,

Beckons this return of light into the Open,

(although darkness is always there).

Evening, night is the eclipse of the sun,

return of moon and stars –

return – disclosure of darkness into the Open –

(We see the moon, stars during the day,

though they are eclipsed in obscurity).


The ‘West’ does not exist.

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