Gaza into the Nameless

Palestinian family cooking dinner.


Gaza into the Nameless

We are dreams of sleeping gods
fragments of an eternal nameless
We ourselves must become nameless
lest we die, lest we become
fixed into marble, as all
statues were once alive
The violence of the name
kills playful life,
love and strife
Children killed in Gaza
by those of a name
Only god has no name
all else is captivated
created by the name
Those of the name are mortal,
but hide their vulnerability
behind masks & a lock and key
In the beginning was the word
the word freezes the tension
of opposites, it turns flesh white
The blood on the streets & walls
has washed away
No one remembers as it was
such a long time ago
‘They’ are all gone
The serpent slips through
the net of the name
deep in the underground

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