Julian Assange – The Horror of the Open

Julian Assange amidst

the horror of the Open –

MessengerAssange of the abject horror

of contemporary existence – a dystopic world of

a monstrous corporate ‘personhood’ –

catastrophic prisms of surveillance

(as the ‘Assange Affair’ has ironically

PR-esqued, suffocated, suppressed –

nearly total erasure of the very

question, the message & the medium, lost again…)

—- what, after all, did Wikileaks leak?

Could we go over that again?

is hiding out in London
in the Ecudoran (Galápagos Islands,
and thus the contention and the
relief of differing manifestations
of birds coming from different conditions)
embassy surrounded
by the pale, inadequate stalkers

the bald, slurred voiced man who

says he does not recognise asylum –

then why all the asylum seekers?

Only fascists are against asylum…

(and are against the disclosure of truth)

stalkers of the night and day.
He is there right now, doing whatever
he may be doing – I think he is still up –

narrative breach

It would be so clear that this was
merely political harassment, abuse –
clear that his longstanding cause of
righteous openness – inherited from
his family – was intact — if he
could clarify the Sweden issue –

Of course, smear tactics have always been

the bad brush strokes of propagandists, etc.
Yet, liberty does not include rape
(unless it is between consenting adults –
but then, it is not rape, but role play).

A Press Conference is in order.

Nevertheless, whether or not this
issue is a mere criminal case, or a
symptom of utter totalitarianism,
or both, the fundamental value of
openness in government and corporate
‘life’ must be – and is already always

being – anonymously

enacted in our quest
for an ‘ever more perfect union’.

(although, that may be the goal of
only a few… another paradox-

another dimension of action, thought…

Let us just hope that a life & death discussion

is not drowned out by tittle-tattle and gossip…

Freeedom is, at the end of the day, the most primal

predicament, situation and experience.

We should allow Julian Assange the

dignity of freedom

He must be protected as a whistleblower.


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