The Dogs of Athens

Enchantingly free, these beings,Dogs of Athens

Friendly guardians of sacred places,

Living as one wishes to live.

Enlightened governance

That allows them

To just be.

Diogenes lies with his dog

In the caves of the Agora,

Fleeing the noontide heat.

In the sacred grove,

We laugh with Dionysus.

We sing with the Cicadas.

Visited by a lovely collie,

We give her a scratch and massage.

She savours the attention, touch.

The collie runs off, brings another

Who wishes a scratch and massage.

We give it to him as the collie keeps watch.

Suddenly, the collie pricks up her ears.

She darts into the darkness, barking.

She scares away the monsters of the night.

We sit and the world is disclosed to us.

There is only joy and new creation.

The dogs sit at our feet, smiling.

We stand to return home,

The dogs stir, keeping close by.

We walk with them along the path.

The dogs walk with us

All the way home.

The dogs surround, guard us,

As they did for the infant Zeus.

They follow us to our door,

Making sure that we are safe

Amid the night of the world.

They run off into the shadows,

The souls of life,

The spirits of free existence.

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