Icarus of Trafalgar Square

This poem was published in The Lampeter Review #8.  It was also published in translation in SUFE newspaper (China).

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London Protesters


The sublime sun beckons

burning out the eyes

of those who

dare to gaze

into its depths

The abyss of light –

Yet, you were already

blind to the light

of Terra, of Earth,

long gazed into

this luminous event

the mere distance

of the gaze is

no longer enough

for your joy –

you seek to fly – seduced

by the sun of your

voluptuous desires

you fly higher and higher –

climb the column of the sun –

you throw down the motes of light

the ropes that tie even the gods –

You fly toward the scalding apex –

calling those below to grasp

hold of the motes of light –

to pull it all down – back to the Earth –

the hordes upon the surface

respond to the call, harvesting

the motes that cling to the sun itself –

the ties that bind – the masses pull

with the kinetic exertion of panic –

Prometheus smiles at the grand

effort of his children toward

the implosion of a world –

of light recurring upon the earth –

All at once –

shattering cracks, explosion –

the moaning phallus of marble

lusts for the embrace of the Earth –

the depths of the abyss –

Icarus, already burns –

descends riding the phallus to the Earth –

Crash, exaltation – into the shadows of sleep –

wandering upon the banks of the Thames –

waiting for the return of the sun –

a different sun, one of joy,

upon the Earth of a different world




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