UKIP and the Politics of Lies

Farage is Thatcher

The Vultures of the Right – Realpolitik and the UKIP Fraud

In light of the systematic alienation of the vast majority of a people, there will always arise minority movements which work on the principle: ‘Our Day Will Come!’ and seek to build a network and following, with the intention of intervening politically in real time history.

Now UKIP (not to mention for the moment the fascist paramilitary organisation Britain First) is just such a movement, around for two decades, and it has a substantial number of MEPs, but as yet, but only one MP in Parliament – but this could very well change dramatically in 2015. This organisation sought to dominate the European elections, though they failed to take the seat of Plaid Cymru in Wales. Otherwise, it won and it plans to proceed upon this momentum toward the 2015 vote.

But, the real and most urgent question is what sense, or logic, would compel or legitimise the candidacy for the European Union of a member of UKIP, a party which actively seeks a break with the European Union?  Are we to believe their fantasy that the UK will return to its alleged former glory once it is independent from Europe?  What does that say about the sincerity of the party as such, especially in light of the fact they could very well dominate the General Elections of 2015?

Again – what possible motivation could there be for UKIP to run for seats in an organisation to which they emphatically do not want membership? The same could be asked with respect to their involvement in government, an institution that they never cease to criticise.  The only reasonable answer to these questions is that they are infiltrating the enemy organisations only to demolish them from within – the European Union and the government itself.  What other logic is there?  The Tea Party, for instance, has effectively made governance in the United States impossible. A united minority can have a disproportionately powerful effect upon political action on the ground.

In the United Kingdom, UKIP is reaching out to a population who feels justly alienated and exploited by an out-of-touch aristocracy that has no concern for the vast majority of people who endure a system which is so obviously and illegitimately unfair.  Yet, while acknowledging the symptoms of poverty and oppression, UKIP, vultures at the scene, try to seduce the victim to see things their way, through their right-wing and anti-European lens.  Their ‘self-evident’ philosophy becomes the answer for all the victim’s problems. And – the victim unconsciously begins to espouse an ideology that is not even in his or her own interests.  UKIP has given you something to hate.

But, will UKIP really help you to better your lot, especially once they have left the European Union, a severance which will cause a judicial and political economic earthquake that will dislocate and throw out of work and benefits millions of individuals? Is this all a sick game to them? A vote for UKIP in the European Elections was not only a wasted vote, but also a dangerous vote for a party whose only intentions consist in destruction.  They do not even function in their alleged roles as MEPs.  They don’t want it to work.  They do not want the government to work, either.

No room for reform or compromise, negotiation – only severance, cutting oneself off, to reject the entire nexus of EU law, of human rights, of social justice, of the principle of sharing and mutual aid… a UK outside of the thoughtful and necessary aspirations of the European Union, and one eventually free from the clutches of NATO, the nuclear occupation of Europe by the USA.  A breach with the European Union would be the explosive end to the welfare state in Britain, and such a devastation will necessitate that Scotland and Wales definitively break from such a bankrupt ‘system’ for the sake of the lives of their own peoples.  If you want the European Union to be demolished from the inside – and that would mean the demolition of the United Kingdom –  go ahead and vote for UKIP in the General Elections.

Yet, to be clear, you would be advocating the destruction of longstanding multi-lateral relationships initiated before the Second World War and established on the basis of many historical events, international agreements and cultivated in complex, dynamic contexts over the decades… and in the case of the United Kingdom, centuries.  You would be inviting dangerous, damaging, and unpredictable possibilities into our world, such as, for instance, the rise of fascism as we can see in the case of Ukraine and France.

However, if you want to support the work of the European Union and the Modern Welfare State in the nations of the British Isles and beyond, you should vote for pro-European and progressive parties.  Beyond the stability and dignity of the national welfare state, there is certainly the common sense logic of remaining a positive part of a prosperous and open EU, and there is also the humanist satisfaction that we are all working together to build an organisation of democratic governance in a region of the world which has been subject to centuries of warfare in which hundreds of millions have died. We should not forget the Hobbesian world of a centuries-long bellum omnium contra omnes (the war of all against all) from which we as ‘good Europeans’ have only just narrowly escaped.

Two significant parties in Wales, for instance, have made unequivocal statements in favour of the European Union: Plaid Cymru/Party of Wales and the Liberal Democrats. Plaid is unambiguously in favour of membership of the European Union.  It is the same with the Greens and the SNP in Scotland.  The Liberal Democrats, however, while they say officially that they are pro-European, as Nick Clegg feebly argued in his debate with Farage, they as a party have been complicit in the Coalition government’s relentless attack upon the people, a government that has allowed the very question of a referendum on continued membership of the EU to arise in the first place.

In many ways, UKIP, in its present strength, is a Frankenstein monster created by the Coalition government.  The Liberal Democrats must own their complicity in the Coalition government, and admit that they have indeed allowed the Tories to enact their reckless and damaging policies – in the hope of a few policy trinkets (which they did not even end up getting).  The Liberal Democrats do not deserve your vote and neither does a Labour Party which will continue the Tory policies of austerity and international interventionism.

In Wales (as they are everywhere else), UKIP is exploiting fear and exhaustion for the purpose of ACTUALLY ACCELERATING AND INTENSIFYING the damaging policies of the Coalition ‘government.’ Nigel Farage said that he was the ONLY real heir to Thatcher. No one will ever forget the damage and destruction (de-industrialisation, smashing the union movement and the principle of collective bargaining, PEOPLE’S INCOMES) that Thatcher served up to Wales. No one will ever forget, and since Mr. Farage is her only true heir, then NO ONE in Wales should be fooled into voting for UKIP. Plaid Cymru is the only viable vote for an alternative for Wales – and the SNP in Scotland and the Greens in England – the crucial elections of 2015 – ‘viable’ meaning in the interests of the people.    

The General Elections give each citizen a chance to either affirm or deny our relation with Europe and the basic premise of the welfare state.  The choice is clear, however, and it has never been more clear than it is now. A vote for UKIP is a vote against Europe and the modern state, a vote for the Tories or Labour will be one for continued austerity and uncertainty around the subject of the European Union.

At the end of the day, it is truly irresponsible of UKIP and the lunatic far right to waste so much of our limited time on its counterproductive anti-European agenda and demagoguery with regards to immigration, used as a tool to frighten and enrage an overworked and alienated citizenry. It is thus completely illogical and cynical for UKIP to have participated in the European Elections.  And – to have won?  People need to wake up and take their vote more seriously.

The vote is a sublime right that should be a task of education and action – don’t listen to the jester and Pied Piper Russell Brand.  His more recent quip that Nigel Farage is a ‘pound shop Enoch Powell’ only serves to strengthen Farage in the misty eyes of his own followers.  Russel Brand will be just fine no matter what happens.  Real people are not so charmed and need to fight for what they have and what they want.  Anyone who tells young people not to vote automatically discredits him/herself.  Indeed, if the young actually did vote, the world could change overnight.

As I have intimated, UKIP and their ilk seek to disrupt and demolish the EU from within as is the case with myriad right wing parties, who, across Europe, specialise in inciting anti-immigrant violence, separatism and isolationism.  An attack on Europe is a crackdown upon the established freedom and liberation of movement of people and goods across the Continent, and the re-assertion of authoritarian and merely national relationships no longer guided by the progressive agenda and rights guaranteed by the European Union.

Is this something that you want? (hopefully another rhetorical question)

It is time to embrace, engage Europe and to defend and develop our relationships with all the member countries of the EU, working together, pooling resources, promoting equal development and democracy.  We must also work to eliminate redundancies and multiplied expenditures. It is surely time for Europe to unite on its own ground, warts and all, and begin the difficult task of bringing democratic coordination to the EU as a whole.

An example of such coordination is the case of the armed forces of Europe, which is theoretically the second largest military force in the world.  Yet, it cannot be coordinated in this way, since European security has been high-jacked for 70 years by the American controlled NATO.  This is a relationship of occupation which must be dismantled to its root.  Otherwise, the European Union will never be able to function as a sovereign political state.

In light of this critical perspective on NATO, we can point out a fatal contradiction in the anti-EU message of Farage. While he was prepared to shout out that the Coalition government of the Tories and Liberal Democrats had “blood on its hands” in light of its participation in the American-led coup d’etat of Ukraine. Yet, Farage blames Europe for this event, conveniently forgetting that Europe is under the dual thumbs of NATO and the IMF.  Yet, at the same time, the trajectory of UKIP policy is oriented to an Americanisation of the UK economy and further domination of NATO.  This is a clear contradiction on Farage’s part for it has become all-too-clear that the problem of Europe is not Brussels, but America, which has occupied Europe since the end of WWII.

Moreover, NATO, pushing us into a war with Russia, has not only severely tainted the reputation of the European Union with its illegal intervention in Ukraine, but has helped to reveal in Europeans a willful ignorance, the people of Europe having shamefully acquiesced to a lie, and having orchestrated to this very second a forced and slavish collective silence about the fascist involvement in the Ukraine events.  The designs of NATO on Russia, which includes its short-sighted sanctions regime, has continued to do severe damage to the European economy.  It is clear that ‘Europe’ will not yet truly be Europe until the occupation force of NATO is withdrawn.

NATO creates fictitious or unnecessary enemies to continually justify its existence. NATO is seditious in relation to the International Community and is subversive of International Law.  NATO must be dismantled, de-constructed, in order for Europe to be a sovereign political state and for the emergence of a multilateral system of global democratic governance, dedicated to peaceful, cooperative, and sustainable development.

The democratic coordination of the armed forces across Europe alone will lead to the savings of trillions of Euros.

The future is in Europe. An Independent Europe of independent democratic nations, with equal national rights within the EU.  Don’t trust those who tell you otherwise. A Europe which participates with the BRICS nations and their friends in the creation of a global polycentric democratic order of governance, peaceful cooperation, and sustainable development.

There is no logic for the peoples of Britain to vote for the vultures of the Right  – except for the self-refuting logic of one who seeks only to obstruct and destroy, which they have openly admitted to be their strategy. They may well be very honest as to their intentions toward the EU and the Modern Welfare State, but what they advocate is not in our or anyone’s interests at all (except perhaps their own, assuming that they are ‘rational’).

Nigel Farage is a vulture, circling over the catastrophe of Austerity, giving desperate people fraudulent answers. As Leanne Wood scolded Farage at the Leaders Debates over his racism and insensitivity toward foreign born HIV patients, “I think you should be ashamed of yourself!”


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